Got kids? Get Glow Sticks!

A great money saving tip when you are headed off to Disney World is to stock up on glow sticks! 

Glow sticks are great for evenings in the parks.  I always tuck several into my park bag each day before we take off.  As we are waiting for the evening parade or fireworks shows I pull them out as a nice distraction.  I am not sure what it is about those little plastic tubes that enchants my children, but I am happy to take advantage of it! 

The glow sticks are super easy to use, just bend the plastic until you hear a snap and give it a shake.  The gel inside gives off a nice glow that lasts several hours. 

Besides being fun, the glow sticks provide many useful purposes!
  • Have your child sport a glow stick necklace or bracelet through the evening, which helps you keep an eye on them in the dark.
  • Attach one to your stroller to help in stand out in the herd.
  • Attach one to your spouse or their park bag.  It make it easy to follow the leader during the post fireworks / parade surge.
  • It may save you money.   A few glow items from home keep my kids occupied and less likely to beg for the light up toys all around.
  • Depending on how long your glow stick lasts, you may even have a nice little night light when you get back to your hotel.
There are several cool glow products out there, so check out your local dollar store or party store.  Unlike the old fashioned 4 inch tube glow stick that I used to BEG for at Halloween as a child, there are so many different items out there.  While of course you can find the old fashioned tube, there are now bracelets and  necklaces with connectors to help you make your own design.  There are also some cool masks and balls.  My little princesses are most excited by the glow stick fairy wands topped with stars and butterflies!

And while you are stocking up for your trip, buy a few extra if it is in the budget.  We like to share with whatever kids are sitting around us.  (We always ask Mom and Dad first!) It isgreat fun to watch a child's face light up when given an unexpected and inexpensive treat!


  1. "Illuminating" post...Get your glow on! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the tip! I just mentioned it in a post I did. I hope you don't mind... I linked back to your post though :-)