Kringla Bakeri og Kafe - A Quick Service Standout

On December 4th I woke my princesses up with an amazing surprise..."Ladies, we are going to Disney!"  I gave them 20 minutes to dress and jump in the car so we could be off to the airport.  Thanks to a quick flight that landed early (!) and an amazingly quick Magical Express and resort check in, I found myself standing in Epcot only 2 hours after my the wheels touched down in Orlando, leaving plenty of time for a counter service lunch.  We headed off to the World Showcase and the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in the Norway Pavilion.

This tiny little quick service gem is located on the left "corner", just as you turn to head into the back pavilion.  It is a charming little building with a grass roof.  A quick google search on the grass roofs of Norway, yielded a few fun facts.  "Turf Roofs" as they are literally translated, are more than just green in color, they are quite "green" environmentally.  They provide architectural stability, good insulation, are long lasting,  and are not made of petroleum products.  The grass actually is used to hold a layer of birch bark in place which is used to make the roof waterproof.  (Bet you did not expect an architecture lesson in the middle of a dining review...but it is Epcot after all!)

Now back to the fun stuff...  Due to it's small size, I would recommend you check out Kringla at off peak dining times.  The interior of the restaurant is tiny - just a series of refrigerated cases from which you can make your selections with just enough room for you to snake through to the cashier.  There is a small outdoor seating area behind the restaurant, where tables are at a premium.  As you enter the cafe, you will head to the far right corner of the room, where a very small menu board hangs over the sandwich case.

We were taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan this trip, so we were all set to jump into the Chef's Selection (which was a sandwich along with a side of soup, fruit, or salad).  After checking out the case, the husband and I decided on a club sandwich.  The sandwich was served panini style, so the ham, turkey, and bacon was warm and the melted cheese made it all stick together perfectly.  The real standout was the delicious nutty,seedy, whole grain bread.  Not usually my first choice of bread, so I am glad I was not given a choice, or I would have missed it's toasty deliciousness!

My youngest little sprite ordered the Ham, Cheese & Apple Sandwich.  It was also served on the same delicious bread.  Served warm and toasty, my young one dug right in.  I finally talked her out of a bite and was pleasantly surprised at the flavor combination.  The apples gave a sweet and cinnamony (is that even a word?) touch to the sandwich.  Unexpectedly yummy!

My seven year old is a little foodie.  She used to beg me to pack crab stuffed mushrooms for her preschool lunch when she was only three.  I guess it should be no surprise that while we went for sandwiches she went for the Vegetable Torte with Goat Cheese, and of course Cauliflower Soup.  While she thought the torte was fine, she did enjoy the other half of her sisters sandwich more.  I actually agreed.  I thought the texture was a bit rubbery.  I thought it tasted fine - just fine, but I am not a huge goat cheese lover.  If you are, you may have a different opinion.  She did proclaim the Cauliflower soup the best thing she ate all day.  I though it was good, but a bit heavy if Mission Space is your next stop.  Yes, she is a bit of a weird  kid, but I love her adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things!

Vegetable Torte with Goat Cheese
(Pictured with a Fruit Cup because
Cauliflower soup is not nearly as pretty!)
Since we were on the Dining Plan dessert was most definitely on the horizon.  (And even if you are not on the dining plan, I would recommend dessert here!  The dessert case was stocked full of Norwegian deliciousness.  Since four desserts were included, four desserts we got!  We put the desserts in the middle of the table and dove in.  The famous School Bread was also suggested by the server and was hands down our favorite of the lot.  Imagine custardy (I am making up words again) goodness in a sweet, but not too sweet bread topped with coconut.  YUM!  The Cloudberry Horn came in second, followed by the Chocolate Mousse Cake and the Fruity Whipped Cream concoction.  Pear Almond Tart, I am not sure how you escaped my tray, but I am coming for you next time!

Case of Norwegian Deliciousness!

Cloudberry Horn & School Bread


Overall, the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe is a solid counter service dining option, and an absolute stand out if your are on the dining plan.  This little spot is charming and elevates the simple sandwich into something more.  The sandwiches are filling and when combined with a side item and dessert is more than enough for even the biggest eaters.  The cast members are sweet and helpful (and exceedingly blonde!)  It did take a bit longer than I would have expected to get through the line due to a small bottleneck in the drink section.  But it really did not matter, as it almost helped with crowd control in the seating area.

At the end of the meal my husband summed it up nicely by saying "I know we have to try other places, and I do want to try other places... but if I had to eat every meal here, I would be fine with that.  Just sayin'..."


Mornings with Mickey - My Favorite Disney Souvenir

You have planned, saved, and waited patiently for your Disney World vacation.  You finally make it to the parks and are having a great time.  Eventually, the lure of the assorted merchandise locations will get the best of you and you will find yourself, mouth agape turning in circles in the Main Street Emporium, the World of Disney, or some other shop stocked full of every souvenir imaginable.

If you are like me, you become quickly overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of merchandise and dismayed by the hefty price tags.   Fortunately, for me, I tend to really enjoy the merchandise at the low end of the scale.  I am not one to wear a Disney themed shirt every day, nor to I decorate with Disney merchandise in my home, so that eliminates huge categories of items to peruse.

There are a few "standards" that always seem to make their way into my shopping basket....a photo album, a small photo frame, a magnet, a photo frame that is a magnet...  I also grab a few fun postcards - not to send, but to tack up on the bulletin board in my office.  Cheap and cheerful.  A little something for my own little princesses and I can escape relatively unscathed.

Last month, something else caught my eye, and I promise you it has become a family favorite.  It is a toast stamp.  Yes, you did read that correctly...a toast stamp.  A toast stamp is a piece of plastic with Mickey's cute little mug on it.  You place your bread on a firm surface, line up your bread stamp on top of the bread and push firmly.  Don't wiggle it, or your bread stamp will become a bread cutter.  When you lift off the plastic stamp, you have left an impression of Mickey's face behind.  At that point you can proceed with your sandwich making, or toast your bread to further highlight Mickey's features.  My 4 year old has become the hit of her preschool class, and now I am officially the "best mommy ever"...unless of course, I forget.  (But that is another story.)

The "stamp" and the pre-toasted bread.
By now, I bet you are thinking cute, but I am not going to pay a small fortune to "cuten" up a PB&J.  Truth be told, that is exactly what I thought while I was standing in the store.  But I checked the price tag anyway and was shocked to find that it was only $2.95!  And it is dishwasher safe!  It is the perfect little item to tuck away in your suitcase and bring back home with you.  It is a great way to keep the memories and magic of your vacation alive.  Starting your morning with Mickey will make you smile, and if you get the "best mommy in the whole world" award for the day, it's even better...

Happy, toasty, Mickey!

Fantasyland Expansion: Goodbye Snow White's Scary Adventures, Hello Seven Dwarf Mining Train!

Hot off the presses!  Disney has just released some more details about the Fantasyland Expansion.  A few weeks ago the Disney announced that Februrary 11th would be Toontown's last day.  We knew the day was coming early this year, but finally...official confirmation. The Barnstormer (in it's currrent form) will see the last of its guests over the coming weeks and we will all be saying goodbye, or if rumors are true, so long to Minnie & Mickey's House.

On the eve of the christening of the Disney Dream, Disney has released more details about the Fantasyland expansion.  I think some of us Disney nerds may not be able to handle the excitement of it all!

First of all, if you would like to watch the christening of the Dream tune in here at 10:30 Mickey Time on January 19, 2011.  And if you can stand the excitement of it all, read on to get the official news on the Fantasyland expansion.

From Disney Insider:
The largest expansion in Magic Kingdom® Park history is underway, a project that will nearly double the size of Fantasyland and deliver a new home for Ariel, new ways to interact with favorite Disney princesses, an exciting new family coaster, a double dose of Dumbo and more.

Scheduled to open in phases beginning in late 2012, the new Fantasyland will immerse you in Disney stories as never before. Among the highlights planned:

•Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid, a major, all-new attraction during which guests will travel with Ariel and her friends through their exciting adventures above and below the waves – all against a musical backdrop of songs from the classic film.

•The castle of the Beast, standing majestically upon a hill just across an old stone bridge from Ariel’s new home. The Be Our Guest Restaurant will feature a lavish dining experience in the elegant ballroom, gallery, and mysterious “West Wing” of the castle. With seating for 550, this magnificent facility will offer “great food fast” service by day and full table service dining in the evening. Nearby in Belle's Village, guests will find the rousing Gaston's Tavern and Bonjour! Village Gifts.

•Just outside the village is Belle’s cottage and Enchanted Tales with Belle. The adventure begins in Maurice’s workshop, where a magical mirror is the doorway to a captivating new kind of storytelling experience: Guests are transported to the Beast’s library to meet Belle and Lumiere, and share in a lively, interactive, re-telling of the "tale as old as time.”

But that’s just the beginning of what you will discover when the multi-phase project is completed. Here’s more of what’s in store:

•The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will take guests on a rollicking, musical ride into the mine “where a million diamonds shine.” The coaster will feature a first-of-its kind ride system with a train of ride vehicles that swing back and forth, responding to every twist and turn of the track. The journey will be accompanied by music from the classic Disney film and animated figures of Snow White and the Dwarfs.

•In Princess Fairytale Hall, Aurora, Cinderella and other Disney princesses, such as Tiana and Rapunzel, will greet guests in their new home, an elegant royal court on the site where Snow White’s Scary Adventures stands today.

• The sound of the calliope will lead guests to the brand new Storybook Circus and not one but two circling carousels of airborne pachyderms on Dumbo the Flying Elephant! Before taking to the skies on this Fantasyland favorite, guests can experience an array of fun-filled family games and interactive wonders for kids of all ages inside the Big Top.

•Next door in Storybook Circus, the classic Barnstormer gets a bright new look as well, featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini. It’s a twisting, turning roller coaster “flight” high above the circus fun.

So...what do you think???

Aloha! Welcome to Disney's Polynesian Resort - Part II: Tokelau

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my review of Disney's Polynesian Resort.  In case you missed it, be sure to click here to catch up.  Now for more specifics about the Tokelau building and my Garden View room...

After consulting the Tikiman Pages, I requested the Tokelau building. I chose this building for it's fairly central location, large rooms, and patio/balcony options. The room itself was clean, comfortable, and spacious - which was important since we were planning an full week of "family togetherness".
I also liked the general layout of the room. As you open the door you walk down a mini hallway with the bathroom on one side and a wall of storage on the other. The "storage wall" consisted of two closets, one with double rods and the other with a single rod, safe, and shelving unit. In between the closets was a mini fridge, with counter area and coffee station. It is nicely designed and very functional.

The main part of the room featured a desk area with a chair large mirror over it. This served as a nice make up/dressing area, freeing up the bathroom area for showers, saving and, you know, other stuff. Next to the table was a nicely sized dresser with 6 drawers. An HD television hung over the dresser, and a small, but useful shelf over that.

We had two comfy queen sized beds, a day bed that easily converted to a comfortable twin size bed (no bar in your back!) a chaise type lounge, upholstered chair, and drum shaped table. (I cannot tell you how much the 4 year old enjoyed her "Congo Drum"). Outside on the balcony were an pair of chairs and a small table.  I do wish that the "Congo Drum" table were more dining table height instead of coffee table height.  Watching my girls hunched over in the chair while trying eat their cereal off the low table made me nervous.

With the dark browns, burnt orange tones,and dark blues the room felt rather dark. While the room itself showed minor wear and was quite clean, the dark colors left me feeling like there was a possibility that it could be "hiding" a lot. Of course, that is my hotel room neuroses talking.

The bathrooms were spacious and clean as well, but they are about due for a face lift. A corner of the wall paper was peeling up and the artwork was warped from constant moisture exposure and was beginning to peel. Both quite minor and very cosmetic. I must say that the back of the bathroom door was in very bad shape. The paint was peeling off the back in a pretty significant way. Again, this is just a cosmetic issue due to moisture, but I feel it should probably be addressed. For a room that goes for $385 in the value season and over $600 at peek times, I expect a little more. To be fair, I did not bring the issues to the attention of hotel management, as they truly were cosmetic in nature, and while it effected my overall impression of the resort, it did not effect my enjoyment of it.

We did have a minor issue that did effect our enjoyment of the room. There was a large wet spot right out side the bathroom door the night we checked in. Of course, I noticed it as I was unpacking the last of our stuff when I stepped into the bathroom and nearly broke by neck by slipping of the floor. (OK, that is a bit dramatic, but I slipped enough that my heart beat a little faster!) I pointed it out to bell services a few minutes later when they delivered our groceries. The very kind man apologized, said he would bring it to the attention of management and they would move us to a "much better room". I would normally light up at such a possibility but a) I had just finished unpacking, b) it was time for the kiddos to go to bed, and c) I was trying to ditch the rest of the family and head off to the Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes solo! I thanked him for the offer, but just asked that they just take care of the problem in the morning. When I returned later that evening I noticed several towels had been laid down and they brought in a fan to dry things out the next morning. Problem solved...or so I thought.

What I should have realized and what they certainly should have realized was that a puddle in that particular location was an indication of something else going on. On day 3 of our trip we return "home" to a funky smell. I finally figured out that the refrigerator was broken and the contents had spoiled. Unfortunately, my husband did not notice that he gave our children vaguely warm yogurt (eewww!!!) for breakfast that morning. Fortunately, no body got sick. While I think the staff should probably have known what that puddle meant, I must stay the issue was handled was appropriately. I called bell services and explained the problem. Within minutes, a new refrigerator was delivered, the spoiled food removed and I was sent to the lobby to explain what happened. The desk agent apologized for the problem and offered a $50 credit to the room for my trouble and the spoiled groceries. The carpets were cleaned the next morning as soon as we cleared out for the day. The mini fridge break down was certainly beyond their control, but it did cause me a bit of inconvenience. The $50 credit replaced the groceries with enough left over for me to get a few pins. While I would have preferred to spend that credit on some extra undies, I left happy.

As much as I did enjoy the Polynesian, there were a few other "misses" during our stay. We arrived prior to check in and our room was not yet ready, which was fine. We got our key anyway, checked our luggage with bell services and headed off to the parks with the promise that we would receive a text message telling us our room number. Unfortunately, the text was never sent and we had to stand in line again to find our our room assignment, then head over to bell services to ask that our stuff be sent up. Overall, that process could have been a little more smooth, but was just a minor bump.

I was also a little bothered by the cleanliness of the public areas in our longhouse. While the "Mousekeeping" staff did a great job with our room, and left a lot of wonderful towel creations for my little princesses, the seating area in front of the elevators and the elevator itself seemed a bit neglected. If someone read a newspaper while enjoying a soft drink in the common area at 1:00 and left their trash behind, it would not be cleaned up until the next morning. Yuck! At a place known for their service and attention to detail this just seemed a bit odd. A gum wrapper will not remain on Main Street USA for more than 2 minutes, yet a crumpled up newspaper and an empty soda can will sit around the resort for 20 hours? And the elevator was just plain old dirty. There was dirt and dust in the corners and a sticker stuck to the floor for the duration of our stay. Clearly, nobody has been assigned "ownership" of these areas, and it shows.

On a humorous note, I have never stayed in a hotel with attractive carpet in the hallways.  Never.  I am not sure why hotels feel compelled to have tacky carpet.  Perhaps it is to urge people to leave the hallways and move along to their rooms?  In any event, in this respect, the Polynesian does not fact, it may take things to a whole new level!

Finally, I must mention the staff. Other than the fridge snafu, we had very normal contact with the staff. I must say that I found everyone to be friendly and helpful. I was always greeted with a smile and an "Aloha!" from everyone we met - or even passed on the sidewalk.  It is clear that the staff is dedicated and cares about their work.  When I asked the husband to list some Polynesian "stand outs", the staff was one of the first things he mentioned.

Overall, we really enjoyed the Polynesian.  While I cannot say that everything was absolutely perfect, I can say that our overall experience was wonderful. I pride myself on honest opinions, so if I have a "nitpicky" thought or if I thought something could have been better, I will certainly share it.  However, I do want to be clear that sometimes I really am "nitpicking".  I think the way a resort staff handles and unexpected problem or issue far out weighs whether or not there is peeling paint on the bathroom door.  Based on that, I would happily stay at the Polynesian again, and feel comfortable recommending it.  In fact, my husband fears we may have made a fatal error...Once you stay deluxe, especially on the monorail, it is going to be really hard to go back to anything else!

I would love to help you plan your next visit to the Polynesian or to any other resort!  TMC Travel offers the same rates (and discounts) as if you booked through Disney directly, but with lots of extras.  Please Email me if I can help!

Check out TMC Travel's You Tube Channel to view my Polynesian slide show.  Double click on the video to open in a new window.

Aloha! Welcome to Disney's Polynesian Resort - Part I

Last month we got to spend a 8 days and 7 nights at Disney's Polynesian Resort.  I am a summer time, beach loving girl, so the Polynesian's themeing seemed like a perfect fit for my little beach babies and me (especially in the winter!)  Of course, the husband came along too, but as long as he has a pillow and a clean room, he could care less where he stays.

As a general disclaimer, even though I am a blogger and a travel agent, I was flagged as neither during my stay.  I booked my travel using a PIN code in my husband's name.  I did not get any sort of industry discount nor did I flash a business card or anything else that would identify me.  So this is 100% my experience as an average family visiting the Polynesian for a week....I was totally "incognito" (feel free to insert the Mission Impossible theme song here)

Of the several factors that I considered when choosing our hotel, I weighed transportation options the heaviest.  Yup, with all of the more glamorous factors to consider, buses, boats, and monorail were on the forefront of my mind.  I wanted to maximize my time in the parks, not waiting to get there.  Also, my crew is still young enough that we have strollers and afternoon breaks to consider.  That of course gave the edge to the monorail resorts.  But which one?  The Polynesian got the edge because not only is the Magic Kingdom just one stop (less than 10 minutes away), but you can actually stroll over to the TTC to get the Epcot monorail.  From our longhouse it was only about a 5 minute walk, only about 2 minutes longer than the stroll over to the Great Ceremonial House to get on the Resort/Magic Kingdom monorail. Throw in boat service to Magic Kingdom for fun, and pretty frequent buses to the other parks the Polynesian has, hands down, the best transportation options on property.

The themeing at the Polynesian is great.  The landscaping is lush and beautiful.  There are also several water features inside and out that are not only lovely, but manage to drown out some of the noise of the outside world.  Soft Hawaiian music is piped in through out the grounds.  At Christmas time, be sure to listen out for the 12 Days of Christmas song Hawaiian style (Numbah One day of Christmas my Tutu gave to me...).
The beach at the Polynesian is a great spot to relax.  I would have made more use of it, but the record lows in Orlando that week made the area slightly less desirable.  The beach is along the Seven Seas Lagoon and is made of pristine white sand.  You may think it was trucked in from some remote paradise location, but it was actually found when the Lagoon was dredged prior to the construction of the Magic Kingdom!  There are lounge chairs and hammocks available to stretch out on...and did I mention that your view is of Cinderella Castle?  In the evenings, you can relax and watch the Electrical Water Pageant float by.  (And laying in a hammock while watching the Wishes fireworks show, listening to the piped in soundtrack is my own little slice of heaven!)  On a side note, if you happen to be visiting during one of the hard ticketed parties at the Magic Kingdom like Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, or Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, I urge you to seek out the beach to watch the fireworks.  Fireworks are not only shot from a location behind the castle, but from surrounding perimeter locations as well.  While spectacular from Main Street, the perspective you get from watching at the beach at the Poly is AMAZING!

The Polynesian has two pools, a quiet pool and a feature pool.  The quiet pool is your standard, garden variety, hole-in-the-ground type pool.  You do not have to be quiet to enjoy the pool, but it tends to be quieter and less crowded than the feature pool.  The feature pool is known as the Volcano Pool. The volcano itself houses a water slide.  Part of the interior of the slide is lit so that it looks like molten lava.  There are several lifeguards stationed at regular intervals around the perimeter of the pool, so it is as safe as can be for novice swimmers.  Both pools are heated so they can be enjoyed year around.  It was far to chilly for this girl to hit the pool, but there were several nights I walked by to see kids playing in the water with steam rising all around.  The poor parents were bundled and wrapped in a blanket pool side, but the kids were happy. 

There are several dining options at the Polynesian.  Room service is an option at this hotel, which can be a nice choice for breakfast or at the end of a long day.  My family did not put room service to the test, but judging from the frequency of empty trays left in the hallway, it seems like a popular option.  The quick service location is Captain Cook's grill.  We enjoyed a late dinner there one evening and a relaxed breakfast there on our departure day.  I will write a full review at some point in the future, but right now, I will leave it at "The Tonga Toast is not to be missed!"  The Kona Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the Great Ceremonial House, near the monorail station.  We did not get to experience Kona, but we will most certainly be putting it on our "to do " list.  Also on the second floor is the famed 'Ohana.   The entire family enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and entertainment.  I will also be posting a review of this hard-to-book restaurant in the future. The only disappointment was that the children requested to eat there again during our stay, which was impossible, as it is such a popular spot.  Finally, there is the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.  Located on the beach at Luau cove, this dining experince looks like a lot of fun.

There are also great little shops in the Grand Ceremonial House.  Clever names abound including Samoa Snacks (say it out loud) and the Bou-tiki.  I saw lots of wonderful things there and at Trader Jacks, but neither had what I went in looking for.  First of all, nowhere at the Polynesian can you purchase milk in any size larger than a single serving container.  Annoying.  I also went in search of new underwear.  Someone, who shall remain nameless forgot to pack her underwear.  I am sure it had nothing to do with planning the entire vacation solo, struggling to keep the trip a surprise, and packing everything for everyone else all while staying under the 50lb weight limit for flying with a suitcase.  Anyway I was unable to secure extra underwear for myself  the poor lady who forgot hers.  (It was not as bad as it sounds, I had tucked a pair into my carry on luggage along with a change of clothes.  And thanks to static cling, I found another pair hitchhiking on one of my fleece shirts.  The  wear one, wash one, dry one each day was annoying, but I was glad I did not have to make alternate use of the hair dryer!)

As far as the decor of the resort goes, for me it was just ok.  In general, I would say it has a very dark wood dated 1970's Hawaii feel.  My husband described the Great Ceremonial house as almost "claustrophobic."  Personally, I prefer the more modern "light and airy" tropical feel.  However, in a weird sort of way, the "dated" feel kind of grew on me. I bet the people who had fond memories of the Polynesian as a child will instantly feel re-connected to the property.   My husbands assessment made me laugh with its accuracy..."I feel like I am trapped in the Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii episode.  Bobby, put down that tiki idol!"

You can read Part 2 of my review of the Polynesian here.  In the mean time, I took a stab at trying to edit together a brief video of our stay.  It is my first try at such an effort, so please be kind! Double click on the video to view entire screen.

While you are visiting out youtube channel feel free to check our Holiday Wishes video. It was spectacular! If you can hang in there past the first 45-55 seconds I recover from my tripod issues and everything is stable!

I would love to help you plan your next visit to the Polynesian or to any other resort! TMC Travel offers the same rates (and discounts) as if you booked through Disney directly, but with lots of extras. Please Email me if I can help!

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Back to life, back to reality... Not really, let's talk vacation planning!

Now that the rush and madness of the holiday season is over, it is time to get down to some serious business...planning your next Disney Vacation!

We have had a post Christmas flurry of activity at TMC Travel - The Mouse Connection.  Now that the New Year has been officially rung in, I guess everyone is ready to look forward to spring and summer vacation plans - or even a quick Florida get away to beat the winter doldrums!

I would love you help you plan your next vacation to Disney or even a Disney Cruise.  (I must admit that I spent the weekend drooling over the new Disney Dream - whose maiden voyage sets sail this month!)  We offer the same rates and prices that you find on Disney's own website.  We also offer free gifts and lots of little extras to help make your trip even better.  Best of all, our services are free!  There is no fee (hidden or otherwise) for us to help you plan you next Disney vacation.

So where do you start?  If you have a flexible schedule, I always say "Start with the discounts!"  To that end, Disney has just announed even more great discounts, including a Kids Stay and Play Free Deal for many dates through October1st.   Be sure to check them out, and give me a call or send me an email at if I can help!

Walt Disney World Discounts

February 2011 - April 2011 – Late Winter Offer - Save up to 30% on resort hotel

Valid for select nights 2/17/11 - 4/16/11. Must book from 1/1/10- 2/13/11

Save up to 30% off the non-discounted price when booking a room at Walt Disney World for stays most nights 2/17/11 - 4/16/11.
  • Save 15% on Select Disney Value Resorts and Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Save 20% on Select Disney Moderate Resorts and Polynesian Resort
  • Save 25% on Select Disney Deluxe Resorts 
  • Save 30% on Select Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts

Discounted rate is available most nights 2/17/11 - 4/16/11. All discounts are subject to availability, certain restrictions apply; including a minimum length of stay requirement for Friday or Saturday arrivals.The room inventory for this offer is limited. This offer excludes suites and 3-bedroom villas.

April 2011 - October 2011 – Winter/Spring Offer - Save up to 30% on resort hotel

Valid for select nights 4/28/11 - 10/1/11. Must book from 1/1/10- 3/27/2011

Save up to 40% off the non-discounted price when booking a room at Walt Disney World for stays select 4/28/11 – 10/1/11.

For stays most nights April 28 – June 14, 2011:

  • Save 15% on rooms at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
  • Save 20% on rooms at select Disney Value Resorts (excluding Disney's All-Star Movies Resort)  
  • Save 20%on rooms at Disney's Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter
  • Save 25% on rooms at select Disney Moderate Resorts (excluding Disney's Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter), Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabins, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge & Disney's Polynesian Resort
  • Save 30% on rooms at select Disney Deluxe Resorts (excluding Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge & Disney's Polynesian Resort)
  • Save 35% on rooms at select Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts

 For stays most nights Aug. 14 – Oct. 1, 2011: 
  • Save 20% on rooms at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
  • Save 25% on rooms at select Disney Value Resorts (excluding Disney's All-Star Movies Resort) & Disney's Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter
  • Save 30% on rooms at select Disney Moderate Resorts (excluding Disney's Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter), Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabins, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge & Disney's Polynesian Resort
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  • Save 40% on rooms at select Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts

All discounts are subject to availability, certain restrictions apply; including a minimum length of stay requirement for Friday or Saturday arrivals. The room inventory for this offer is limited.

Kids Stay and Play Free

Purchase a 4-night, 4-day Magic Your Way Package that includes room and park tickets, kids age 3-9 stay free and get a free 4-day park ticket!
  • Valid for stays most nights 2/17/11-4/16/11. Must book by 2/13/11.
  • Valid for stays most nights 4/28/11-6/14/11. Must book by 3/27/11. 
  • Valid for stays most nights 8/14/11-10/1/11. Must book by 3/27/11.

All discounts are subject to availability, certain restrictions apply; including a 3 night minimum length of stay requirement. Free ticket is for admission to one park per day, but may be upgraded to a Park Hopper for a fee. The room inventory for this offer is limited.

Military Room Only Discount - October 2010 - October 2011

Valid for most nights 10/1/10 - 10/1/11 for Guests presenting a valid military ID when checking in at select Walt Disney World resorts.
  • Select Disney Value Resorts: 30% off
  • Select Disney Moderate Resorts and Cabins: 35% off
  • Select Disney Deluxe Resorts: 40% off

Discounted rate is available most nights excluding 11/24-11/26/10, 12/26-12/31/10, and 4/17-4/20 All discounts are subject to availability, certain restrictions apply. The room inventory for this offer may be limited.