I'm ba-aack! Notes on the exhaustion and irritability factors.

Well, actually I have been back for a few days now.  I must finally face the facts.  I am getting older.  Disney World is exhausting.

We had a WONDERFUL time at Disney World, (in spite of the cold temperatures).  We were at Disney for a full week and I even managed to wear out my 4 year old - you know the one...the little one with the boundless energy.

We started every morning with "Rope Drop" as our goal.  About half the time, we missed it by a few minutes, but I was ok with that given the low crowds.  Most days we took an afternoon break, but there were a few that we just "pushed" through".  While it sounded like a good idea at the time, there was an irritability factor that was impossible to deny come sunset...and I am not talking about the children!  We also "paid the price" the next day.  I was so looking forward to really "digging into" Animal Kingdom this trip, but I was kind of too tired to really enjoy it.  I must remember to follow my own advice - afternoon breaks are important, very important!

I managed to get the kiddos and the husband into bed at a reasonable hour most nights.  I am an inveterate night owl and going to bed at 9 or 10 o'clock sounds like torture to me.  I foolishly headed back out into the parks by myself.  It was fun - a lot of strollers to wrangle, no agenda to follow, and no body's wish list to consider.  Such freedom!  Of course, the freedom came with a price - I did not get to bed  until after 2 am most days and with a 6:45-7:15 am wake up call there was not much time for sleep.  I would have been ok for a few days, but it was a grueling pace to keep for a week.

Every trip, it is not difficult to pick out the children that have been pushed to far and reached the "melt down" point.  They are easiest to spot in the afternoons due to a missed nap, or after dinner as they are begging to be put to bed.  This trip, however, I noticed more than a few couples had reached the breaking point.  I witnessed marital spat after spat.  It is quite possible that I may have even participated in one.  Fortunately, the better rested spouse of mine was able to pull back and give me some perspective.  I HATE bickering, and we were headed down that path.  I am thankful for the even temper of the wonderful man I married, and the gentle reminder that I was about to turn us into one of "those couples".  His advice is best here..."It's Disney World, and we can have a big argument about nothing because we are tired, or we can just get over it, be thankful that we are here.  Let's fix this now and enjoy the rest of our day."  Nicely said, husband.

And that is all from me for now.  It has taken me several days of going to bed before 11:00 - something I have not done since Jr High - and even a few afternoon naps to muster the energy to even get this quick post done.  I hope to return to a more regular schedule soon.  Now, if only those Christmas Cards would address themselves!

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