A cool way to beat the heat at Disney World (or anywhere, really)!

I don't know about you but the "Dollar Bins" by the front door at Target lure me in every trip like a moth to flame.  I find lots of great stuff in there for my Disney trips, as well as inexpensive Disney themed stuff for the kids.  During this week's shopping adventure I scored the coolest (pun intended) personal mister that has not only earned a spot in my park bag, but my pool bag as well.

This fairly small mister is about the size of a flashlight, but is a bit skinnier.  You unscrew the top and fill with water to you get to the "fill line".  Secure the top and then store in a cooler or other cool spot.  When you are ready for a little heat relief you use the bottom of the unit as a piston to pump air into the container and put the contents under pressure.  About a dozen quick pumps gets the job done.  Then you just press the button near the spray head to release a fine mist.  Fantastic!

I tested my new find out yesterday after a hot walk around the block on a muggy 90 degree day.  It worked like a charm.  The mist was very fine and with one quick spray, did not leave me wet at all.  A longer spray did allow my arms to feel a little damp - either way made me feel much cooler.

The device does not hold a lot of water, which is nice as it is not to heavy to carry around or even attach to your wrist or belt loop.  Of course that will mean that frequent refills will be necessary on long days, especially if you have a large family.  So keep an extra bottle of water handy or just fine a water fountain.

With only one day of moderately heavy use (my kids are fascinated!) my little mister seems to be holding up well.  I am hoping that the manual nature of the pump will mean a longer life, 'cause I really like this little guy!  So my verdict is head out to Target this weekend and scope out the dollar bins and see what you can find.  It was in the $2.50 section, and so far is worth every penny - even if it ultimately finks out on me sooner than I would like.  I think I am going to stock up over the weekend, so if you live in central NC consider yourself warned with a fair head start!  Viva la Target!


  1. I'll have to check our local target for one of those bad boys!

  2. We bought these a while ago and love them. We will be bringing them to WDW in September. Much smaller to carry. :0)