You can now Book Art of Animation, Princess Rooms, and a Pool View at Pop!

As expected with the early announcement of ticket prices, Disney has announced new package rates for 2012.

At first look, there do seem to be some changes...

Dining -
  • The Quick Service Dining Plan now only includes 1 snack per day instead of 2.  At $34.99 per adult, $11.99 per child, the price remains constant, but with one less snack.
  • The Regular (Plus) Dining Plan now includes a refillable drink mug.  At $51.54 per adult, $15.02 per child this is an increase of $5.50 for adults and $3 for kids.  With the addition of the refillable drink mug, I am calling this a good bargain, in spite of the higher price tag!
  • The Deluxe Dining Plan now only includes 1 snack per day instead of 2.  At $85.52 per adult, $23.79 per child., this is a $6.50 increase for adults and a $1.80 increase for kids.
  • Both the Regular and Deluxe dining plans still have peak pricing.
  • No Wine and Dine option is offered this year.

Resorts -
  • Ready to check out the Art of Animation?  The newest Disney Resort starts taking reservations for arrivals beginning May 31.
  • Are vacationing with royalty?  If so, your little princess will surely enjoy the Royal Guest Room at Port Orleans Riverside beginning March 4
  • An Affordable Room with a View?  At Pop Century, guest can now pay a premium to insure a pool view!  The All Star Resorts do not offer a pool view at this time.
  • No information yet on the new health and wellness rooms at the Contemporary.
Stay tuned...I am sure more details will follow!


  1. Hey there, I Googled Disney travel agents and came across your site (love your blog by the way...very informative!). My husband and I took our little boy to Disney World this past November and we had such a great time, it was the first trip for all of us, and we plan on going back next year (I have your site bookmarked for when the time comes:-)

    My question is, months ago I heard about the possibility of the Princess rooms along with Haunted Mansion themed rooms...well, I'm wondering if you know of any updates on the HM room and know if it's going to happen or was the idea scrapped? We stayed at Pop Century and really enjoyed it, but will upgrade for a neat themed room next time, otherwise we will stick with the value resort since we had such a great time there. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for reading! I would love to help you plan you trip when the time comes! As for the HM "Doombuggy" rooms, there has been no more talk about them, leading me to believe the idea has been scrapped...or at least postponed for the forseeable future. You may want to think about a fun pirate room at the Caribbean Beach Resort. My princesses scoff at the idea, so maybe I will need to "kidnap" my nephews for some pirate fun!

  3. Haha, I think my son will have to deal with the princess room then. I was "neglected" as a child and did not get to go to Disney World, so I have to relive my childhood now. Although my parents deny that not taking me as a child was neglect...I'm not buying it though :-)

    That's sad about the room. I think that would be so neat. Maybe in the future. I guess I will try to convince my little boy that the princess room is awesome.

    I have one more question. When we went we just bought the tickets, not the park hopper or water park. This time, assuming we go in October (we're thinking either October or beginning of December) and it's still warm enough for the water park, how does that work? Can you go to one of the main Disney parks and also a waterpark without the park hopper, or does the water park count towards one park a day? So for instance, could we go to Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon in one day with just purchasing the waterparks and more option,along with regular tickets of course, and not the park hopper? I'm so confused about that!

  4. LOL - I , too was one of those "abused" children. It would be one thing, if they could not have afforded to take us - but they could...and the didn't. Not that I am still bitter or anything! ;)

    As for your ticket question -Your base ticket or park hopper ticket will get you into one of the 4 main parks (MK, Epcot, DHS, AK) With the Water Park and Fun option you get as many admissions in to the "minor" parks as you have days on your ticket. So if you had a 4 day hopper in addition to the big parks you could visit Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, DisneyQuest, and a Golf Course 4 times in any combination. (A water park in the morning, and Disney Quest at night would count as 2 of your 4 admissions, as would both water parks in one day) Same day re-entries don't count against you, so you can take an afternoon break and return with no problem.

    A long way of cannot use your park hopper for water parks! Now, if you think you will only do one water park on one day, skip the Water Park Fun and More option and just buy a 1 day ticket when you get will save you money. In October you will be fine in the waterparks, December is a bit more dicey, and I would wait and make that call day of. (We had a crazy cold snap in early Dec last year, and there is NO WAY I would have let my kids even swim in the heated outdoor pool!) Hope that helps!

  5. The Princess rooms sound like a dream!