My Best Free Dining Tip!

This tip is going out to families with kids in the 3-9 year old bracket...

  • Is your child an adventurous eater?
  • Does a kids meal leave your child wanting more?
  • Does your child covet your (or their siblings) grown up dessert?
If you answered yes to anyone of those questions, listen up! If you are taking advantage of Free Dining via PIN Code or seasonal promotion consider buying your child an adult ticket. Isn't that way more expensive, you ask? Well, yes it is more expensive, but not by much! If you are planning on purchasing a 3-10 day Magic Your Way Ticket the price difference between an adult and a child ticket is only $33. Not $33 per day...but $33 total! Pretty neat, huh? Your child will have many more menu options and you have a fabulous dessert to use as bribery through out the day!
Of course, you can purchase an adult ticket for your child even if free dining is not offered, but you will have to pay the much higher adult rate for the dining plan on top of the extra cost of the ticket. It could still be a good deal if you have a 9 year old with a huge appetite...just not as cheap as!
Remember, that this only works one way. you can make your 3-9 year old an adult, but you cannot make your 10 year old a child. If you have a 10 year old picky eater that eats like a bird and will only eat off the children's menu, you are still on the hook for an adult ticket.
Free Dining books up fast, so if you are visiting the Mouse this fall, start making those ADR's today!

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