Refillable Mugs - The Ins and Outs

If you are staying at a Disney resort, you can purchase a Refillable Mug for $13.99 + tax. The purchase of a mug, entitles the "mug holder" to free refills at their resort for the length of their stay. The mugs can be purchases and refilled at the resorts quick service dining location. Some resorts also have a second beverage station located near the pool.

How big is it? The mug holds 16 ounces and is nicely sized to fit in a cup holder when you get home.

Which drinks can I put in the cup? You can refill your mug with any fountain drink from your food court. You can also refill it with coffee or tea - but if you are a southern gal like me, be aware there is no proper sweet tea on property!

Are there any drinks I can't put in the cup? Yes - Disney does not allow you to get free refills on milk and juice...and I would not expect the local barkeep to refill it with a frosty margarita, though I am sure many have tried!

Can I refill at the parks? No. The mug can only be refilled at your resort. You can, however, fill your mug and head off to the parks with your mug in hand.

Do I need to bring dish soap to clean my mug? No. Disney has a mug wash station near each fountain location. You can wash it before you refill. If you are worried about throwing a dirty mug in your park bag, just bring a gallon zip top bag from home. Then there will be no worries about an errant drip leaking onto your touring plan!

Can I reuse my mug on my next visit? If you have ever been on a Disney bulletin board, you will find some crazy debates on this topic! The mug you purchase is to be used for your length of stay only. If you choose to bring it back with you on subsequent trips, you technically are stealing (but the mug police are not going tackle you on the spot). In fact, to follow the letter of the law, if you split your stay between 2 or more resorts, you have to purchase a new mug for each resort. I am pretty much stickler for following rules, but even I could sleep soundly reusing my mug in that case.

Is it worth it? Probably the most asked question and most difficult to answer, as it is so subjective. Obviously, the longer your stay, the better value the mug is. From a dollars and cents perspective, you will be getting a mug that you can take home as a souvenir. It is not as good a quality of mug that you would buy in the parks, but it is more than "serviceable". (In terms of quality, think nice free give away offered by a radio station or store) At home, I would expect to pay $4-5 for the mug alone. At Disney, I would expect to pay twice that. As for the drink itself, you can expect to pay over $2 for each fountain drink at a resort.

If you simply must start and end your day with a Diet Coke, your mug will quickly pay for itself. Also, if you expect to make regular use of your mug, consider requesting a room closer to your resorts quick service location. If you are staying at the sprawling Caribbean Beach Resort, for example it may not be worth a 10 minute hike to refill your mug!

Is the mug on the Dining Plan? Yes. And no. If you are on the Quick Service or Deluxe Dining Plan, one Refillable Mug per person is included on your plan. If you are on the regular dining plan or paying out of pocket for meals, then you will have to pony up the cash to purchase a mug.

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