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FASTPASSes are your FRIEND...they are FREE and will save you HOURS of standing in line.

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Disney offers FASTPASSes to all of their theme park guests. FASTPASSes are essentially a “reservation” to enjoy an attraction at a future time. This hot little ticket allows you to enjoy other attractions while you are in a virtual queue for headline attraction. Properly used FASTPASSes can save park goers hours of waiting in line. There are few things you need to know…


There are only a few hard and fast rules when it comes to FASTPASSes:
  • You will not be able to use your FASTPASS for an attraction before the stated time on the ticket.
  • You will not be able to obtain another FASTPASS before the stated time on the ticket.
For planning purposes, there are a few guidelines as to when you are eligible to get a FASTPASS. In general, you can obtain your next FASTPASS 2 hours after you obtain your current FASTPASS or as soon as your current FASTPASS window opens. So, if your get your first FASTPASS of the day at 9:14 am and the return window is 9:45 – 10:45 am, you should plan on getting your next pass at 9:45. If you have a later return window, say,  11:30 – 12:30, you will not be able to obtain another pass until 11:14. There are a few exceptions to the rule, so always check the time on your ticket to be sure!

How to Get a FASTPASS

FASTPASSes are not offered for every attraction. In general, the only attractions with a FASTPASS option are those that routinely have long lines. To obtain a FASTPASS simply go to the attraction, locate the FASTPASS machine, usually off to the side of the entrance and insert your park ticket. I always enjoy the machines themselves.  Most are uniquely themed to the attraction.  If you are eligible for a pass, a ticket will be printed out for you. Take your ticket and tuck it away in a safe spot. Lost FASTPASSes cannot be replaced. Also, don’t forget to retrieve your park ticket!


  •  There are a limited number of passes available each day, so be sure to begin collecting them as early in the day as possible.
  • Due to limited availability, FASTPASSes for super headliner attractions will run out first. These attractions will also have the longest standby lines during the day. Be sure to collect passes for these attractions first.
  • Skip FASTPASSes for shows.
  • Skip FASTPASSES for attractions with wait times of 30 minutes or less unless you have already completed the other FASTPASS rides.
  • A FASTPASS is requires for each ticketed member of a party. The ticketless tots do not need a pass.
  • Note the time on the bottom of the ticket to see when you can obtain your next pass.
  • THE BEST UNADVERTISED FASTPASS TIP – You will be given a return window to ride the attraction. You cannot ride the attraction before the posted time on the ticket. However, you absolutely can ride after the posted time on the ticket. If the return window happens to fall during an afternoon break, a kiddie meltdown, or a meal no worries! Just show your pass when you do get to the attraction and you will be waved through with no problems.
  • Note the return time before you get a ticket! A FASTPASS will do you no good if the window opens after you are planning to leave the park! Plus, it will hinder your ability to obtain your next pass!
  • Be strategic about the water rides. Hold your FASTPASSES for the wet rides for the warmest part of the day, when you are ready to leave the park for a break, or at the end of the night.
  • You do not have to “cash in” your FASTPASSES in the order in which they were obtained.
  • If you are a slower moving group or have young children with you, seen a “runner” to obtain FASTPASSES for the whole group. A single person can take everyone’s ticket, dash across the park, grab passes and rejoin the group much faster. While Mom is in line for Dole Whips – send Dad off for FASTPASSES!
FASTPASS Attractions
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