Disney's PhotoPass Preorder Offer

Disney's Photopass is a great way to document your family's vacation.  Disney staffs the park with photographers to take pictures of you and your family in front of the major park icons, scenic spots, character greetings, as well as some character meals and attractions.  To take advantage of the service you can simply ask a photographer to take your picture and he will give you a PhotoPass Card, which is similiar to a hotel room key.  Each time you use wish to have your picture taken, simply hand over your card and all of you photographs will be waiting for you online.  You can add multiple cards to one PhotoPass account, so if you find yourself without your card handy, you can just grab a new one and keep on touring.  Be sure to write down or photograph your card number just in case it gets permanently misplaced!

The great thing about Photopass is that the whole family can be in the picture.  I always joke to my husband that my children may look back on their childhood and think they were motherless - I am always behind the camera!  Atleast they will know I exist in photos at Disney World!  Photopass photographers have also gotten some great shots of my children with the characters that I missed entirely.  While I was juggling strollers, autograph books and my own camera, they were already busy snapping away.  Perfect!

Once you return home you can go online set up a PhotoPass account at and upload all of the photos the park photographers took of your trip.  You can crop, edit, and add lots of neat boarders to your pictures.  You can then order individual prints if you would like.

The hands down best value is to order the PhotoPass cd.  It is expensive, but you can get a copy of every photo taken, plus every edit and border you added to the photo.  The cd costs $149 (Yikes!) but you can preorder it via this link for $99.   You will also get a photographers release that allows you to reprint you photos at your local photoshop in what ever size and quantity you choose.  (If you are on my Christmas card list, guess what you will be getting!) If you are going the Photo cd route, be sure to use the service as often as you can.  The cd is the same price if there is one  photo or one thousand.  Also, if you are going with friends or family share a photopass account.  You can add both families cards to one account and share the expense.

I am planning a future blog post detailing more Photopass information, so check back for more!

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