It's all about the feet! - Part 1

It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe. --Robert W. Service

I am sure that quote rings true for many folks who set off for their Disney vacation in a pair of ill fitting shoes! 

I have never had the best feet in the world.  Last year, I injured the ball of my foot and I still have lingering pain if I "overdo" things, or shop too many miles in my flip flops.  Knowing that I am a few months away from a week long trip to the world, I decided it was time that I heeded my Doc's advice and get a really good pair of athletic shoes.

I headed off to the local runners specialty store and I was AMAZED at what I found!  I was greeted by Emily, a great lady who more than knew her stuff...
  • She watched me walk in my shoes to analyze my gait as well as examining the wear pattern of the shoes I wore into the store.  (From this she determined that one foot slightly over-pronates)
  • She examined my foot.  (Apparently, the ball of my foot is a little wide, but my heel is quite narrow.  ...who knew!)   
  • She actually measured my foot.  (I felt like a child a Stride Rite, when she pulled out that metal thingy-ma-bob!)  
  • She asked questions about my foot injury, examined  my custom orthotics, and asked what I would be using the shoes for. 
She disappeared behind that famous shoe store curtain and came back with loads of boxes. Notice what did not happen?  She did not ask me which shoe that I liked or wanted to try on.  That is not how they work - you get the shoe that fits YOUR FOOT not the one that fits your fashion sensibility...a total change from every other shoe store that I have been in.  As I tried on the first pair, she told me exactly why she thought it would be a good match for my foot.  Once I had them on she watched me walk around the store and then put me on a tread mill with a video camera aimed at my feet.  I was able to watch my feet walk on the monitor in front of me.  How cool is that?!?

We repeated the process with close to a dozen other shoes.  This lady was not going to let me leave until I had the perfect pair.  She experimented with different ways to tie the shoe as well as small adhesive pads in the tongue to help keep my heel from slipping.  After almost an hour we settled on the best pair, which, of course, the first one she put on my foot!  (Amazing that she knew which shoe would be the best, but still had me go through the process of trying on the others.)

I know you are all thinking that I must have ended up with a pair of shoes that cost a small fortune.  Well, truth be told, I did spend  a little more than usual on these shoes than I normally do.  But I also got a shoe with  better construction, better materials,  and better support than their less expensive cousins at your regular shoe store.  I was still out the door for less than $95 and I have to say they are the best shoes that I have ever had.  My feet feel good, my knees feel good and I know that I will be able to tackle a full day at Epcot with out the "dogs barking".  I was so excited, I am sending my husband over to find his perfect pair of shoes.

Check back later this week for another post about taking care of your feet at Disney World.  In the mean time hit the yellow pages and find a specialty shoe store.  If you are any where near the Triad in NC, I highly recommend Off'n Running.

It's all about the feet - Part 2

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