It's all about the feet! Part 2

In my last post, I discussed my search for the best athletic shoes.  Ever.  If you would like to catch up on click here.

Most people I know stay in the parks as long as their feet or children allow.  Hopefully, some of these quick tips that will help insure you feet outlast your kids so you can have maximum park enjoyment.  While this is certainly not one of my more glamorous posts, it is one of my most imminently practical. 

  • Wear Good Shoes - If you read the previous post, you know I am giddy over my latest shoe purchase (and the label says neither Louboutin or Jimmy Choo).  Well fitting comfortable shoes are a must.  Put your fashion sense aside and focus on what really feels good on your feet.  I know that many swear by Crocs or Fit Flops, but my finicky feet need more support for longer distances.  I may slip on my sandals for dinner at the resort and Wishes, but for my commando mornings I need a big bulky not so cute sneaker.
  • Break in Your Shoes - Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your park kicks.  Wear them for increasing time and distances to make sure they fit perfectly and do not cause any hot spots.
  • Leave Your Old Sneaks Behind - A shoe can be too "broken in"...which is a nice way of saying old.  The support structure in sneakers wears down after about 500 miles of use.  Try buying your shoes 2-3 months before your trip to make sure they are "just right" 
  • Alternate Shoes - Try to bring a second pair of shoes and wear them on alternating days or switching at your mid day break.  You will be especially glad to have a back up pair should you be soaked by an afternoon shower. 
  • Be Prepared - If you follow the advice about, wearing good shoes, you will never need it... but in case someone else in your party doesn't, be sure to bring some bandages, moleskin and an anti-blister stick (such as BodyGlide).  Addressing a hot spot before it turns into a full fledged blister will save your vacation!
  • Wear Good Socks - If you can read a newspaper through the threadbare heel of your socks, it is time to get a new pair.  Avoid 100% cotton socks, as they hold moisture close to your skin which is not only feels icky, but will cause blisters.  Look for a moisture-wicking synthetic blend (such as Cool Max) for maximum comfort. 
  • Practice Makes Perfect - Start a daily walking routine.  It will help not only break in your shoes, but your body.   Walk until you can do several miles comfortably.  Plus, it is just plain old good for you.
  • Skip the Pedicure - Yes, you heard me!  By all means get those toes polished, but do not let the technician take a pumice to your callouses.  Callouses are natures own blister protection.  Instead, save your pedi for when you get home...a little vacation from your vacation is a good thing.
  • Have a Nice Soak - I am not so much a bath girl (particularly in a hotel!) but I have no problems filling up the tub, sitting on the edge and soaking my feet.  The husband and I take turns going out at night after the children are in bed.  One night he goes, the next night is my turn.  On my night in, I will grab a book and soak my tootsies while my girls fall asleep.  Once they are down for the count,  I can quietly watch tv while I rub some  Bert's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion on my feet and put them up.
There you have it... my best tips to help your feet keep up with the rest of you.  (And I REALLY am sorry about that whole pedicure thing!)

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