So long, Toontown: A tribute

Today is the last day that kids will take their first roller coaster ride on Goofy's Barnstormer, run through Donald's Boat, smile at all of the clever details in Minnie's House and Mickey's House, or load up on Disney goodies in the County Bounty.  Today is the last day Mickey will greet visitors in the Judge's Tent.  Today Toontown closes forever.  Toontown is saying goodbye to make way for the much touted Fantasyland expansion (details here).

Although Toontown never received much "critical acclaim", I must admit that I am a fan.  As a total ride whimp, the Barnstormer is just my speed.  And while the coaster itself is not going away, the theming (and the chickens) are.  I love looking at all of the clever details in the mouse's houses.  I love Minnie's painting of the view outside her window, and peeking in to Mickey's bedroom.  And if you have young girls, the Toontown Hall of Fame is tops on the list of attractions.  And while the notoriously icky Pete's Garage (aka Potty Training Central) won't be missed much, I will surely miss good ole Pete's Bumper Crop.

So...good bye old friend.  While we are looking forward to what the future holds, you will be missed in this household. 

Enjoy some scenes from a sweet little spot in the Magic Kingdom...

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