What you should REALLY do with your luggage tags...

If you have purchased a room and ticket package as part of your Walt Disney World vacations, then one of the added perks that you will receive is a set of Disney World luggage tags.  If you flip to one of the back pages in your travel documents Disney even provides you with a page of preprinted inserts.  You can just fill out your personal information, slide it right in, and attach it to your suitcase, right?  Wrong!  There are trolls that roam the airport who are very interested in your home address, particularly if they happen to see you headed out of town.

Instead, head over to your local department store and buy a few luggage tags that are designed to obscure your address from plain view.  It satisfies the airline's requirement that your bag be labeled, but it keeps your address from being proudly displayed to any bad guy that happens to wander by.  It really is $2 well spent.

I know you are thinking, "But what about my cute little luggage tags?  With the castle...and the balloons?"  Well, I am certainly not going to suggest you let them go to waste!  Instead of your home address, write down your name, the name of your resort, and your cell phone number and tuck it into the tag.  Attach the tag to your stroller, your cooler, your park bag, or anything else you plan on bringing inside the park with you.   Now if you drop or loose something, it has a fighting chance of being returned to you!

When you get home, you can recycle the tag for anything else that you want...gym bag, back pack, lunch box, whatever!  Just be sure that if you let your child use it that you do not put their name out in plain view.  (Somehow kids think that if a stranger knows their name, then they are not a stranger.) 

My tag is still attached to my cooler and my camera bag.  I take a little bit of Disney with me where ever I go...

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  1. Wow... I just have to say that we are avid travelers, and we have never had anyone trawling for our address at the airport! For starters, due to the size of most luggage tags (including the super awesome Disney tags), they would have to get pretty close to even be able to decipher my handwriting. I am pretty sure that I would notice someone pressing their face against my bag.