Minnie and Minnie Method Soap - a fun touch!

So, you guys know I love all things surprise there!  People often assume that my home is overflowing with the latest and greatest Disney collectibles and decor.  But surprise...hardly a Mickey in site.  My few items of Disney "stuff" is confined to my little corner of my office.  I display all of my trading pins on a bulletin board, and I have some photos, and posters around, but that is really the extent of it.

My girls have a bit more going on in their rooms, lanyards, trading pins, ears, plus princess and fairy stuff galore.  They are 100% on board with my Disney affection and think I am perhaps the coolest mom ever for helping people plan their Disney trips!  (My oldest is actually my best little PR person...she should probably be getting paid.)

As we were wandering the aisles of Target this week stocking up on school supplies we wandered over to the hand sanitizer (gotta send a big tub o' that stuff!)  and as I was putting a few vats of it in the shopping cart I hear squeals of delight followed by "Oh, Mommy!!!  PLEASE!!!"  It sounded odd because they never ask for things in stores - they are fanatically trying to save their money (and ours!) for a Disney Cruise this spring.  Extremely curious as to what had them so excited and willing to actually spend money, I went over to investigate.  They had found the cutest bottle of Micky and Minnie hand soap from Method.  At only $3.89 it was absolutely going home with us.

Minnie now sits proudly in their bathroom.  Preliminary studies indicate that children in my home are much more likely to wash their hands if they get to use the cute Minnie Mouse soap.  Who knew?!?  Perhaps I should make Minnie disappear until cold and flu season is in full swing.

So if you want to add some Mickey or Minnie fun to you home to get excited about your trip...or to mitigate post Disney vacation funk, head over to Target and get you a bottle!  Of course, now I am left wondering, it this the beginning of "Mouse Creep" in my home....


  1. I saw them there but I didn't like the way they smelled! The bottles are super cute, though.

  2. I did not even smell them in the store, so I just went into the kids' bathroom to check it out. We have the Minnie/Strawberry one. It smells like super sweet strawberry. The smell does not linger long after you wash. But is is definately a kid fragrance!