It is Small Business Saturday!

What is Small Business Saturday, you ask?  Well, it is a day set aside to remind people to support the small businesses owners, help fuel the economy, and energize your local community. 

How can you support a small business while planning your Disney vacation?  It is super easy!
  • Use a Travel Agent that specializes in Disney Vacations - Using a travel agent to plan your vacation will not cost you anything extra, in fact, he/she may even be able to save you some money.
  • Check out - There are lots of crafty folks out there!  Use someone else's sewing expertise to have a pillow case embroidered for your cruise, or make a cute t-shirt or outfit for your kids.  
  • Check out your local screen printer. - Want some great family reunion shirts printed up?  Find a local t-shirt shop to create something special for you family. 
  • Order dog tags for the kids.  Visit your boutique pet store and order tags with your child's name and your cell phone number.  I have seen some local artisans make beautiful stamped metal charms or stamped leather bracelets that will serve the same purpose.
  • Subscribe to  They can save you tons of time waiting in line.  Their plans are not only based on anecdotal evidence, but cold hard facts. Io consider myself a Disney geek, but I am nothing compared to these guys.  What ever Kool Aid they serve up, I am drinking! 
  • There is an app for that!  Check out some of the great Disney apps out there.  Some are created by Disney, but many are created by small businesses who hope to earn enough money to pay for their next Disney vacation.
Those are a few of the ideas that I came up with.  How about you?  How are you going to support a small business today - or whenever you plan your next Disney vacation?

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