Pick a Pearl at Epcot!

I was a tomboy growing up.  A hardcore tomboy.  I never played with dolls, saw no point in playing dress up, and would not be caught dead in fancy clothes.  Ever.  Well, along the way things changed.  I still enjoy football, but playing in the creek gave way to hair product.  I still love my power tools, but I gave up wrestling for makeup.    I hung up my cleats and high tops and traded them in for  killer heels.  And jewelry...I love jewelry!  While I enjoy the chunky funky jewelry that is fashionable now - I mean who doesn't love a good "statement necklace"? - I still find myself drawn to the classics.  Which is why my heart is all a flutter each time I step into the Mitsukoshi department store.

Tucked back in the Japan pavilion at Epcot is the Mitsukoshi department store.  Just inside, you will find a nice Japanese lady standing behind a huge tank of oysters.  For less than $20 you can have your pick of oysters.  So why would you want a ugly, stinky, old oyster?  For the beautiful pearl inside, sillies!

On our last trip to Disney World I decided that both daughters and I should experience the fun.  We waited for our turn and then we scoured the tank looking for the perfect oyster.  I heard rumors that the uglier the oyster the prettier the pearl, so knowing that my daughers would choose pretty shells, I chose and ugly one  - strictly for scientific purposes, of course.  The official "oyster opener" opened my oldest daughter's pearl first.  Inside she found a lovely little pearl.  She dug it out, cleand it up, and used a gage to measure the pearl.  It measured  7mm.  Not too bad!  The little table drum was banged with great fanfare and applause.  Then she picked up my oyster next.  In a matter of a few seconds she had managed to locate and squeeze out my pear that measured 7.75mm.  That is a pretty big pearl!  After more drumming and clapping we were finally down to one oyster and a very excited 4 year old.  That little stinker got a pair of perfectly matched 6.5mm TWINS!  They were absolutely beautiful.  Each pearl was placed inside a tiny ziptop bag and labeled with the correct size.

I am not a mind reader, but I can imagine that you are thinking.  OK, so now what?!!?  Well, of course the Mitsukoshi department store has all sorts of settings that you can purchase for your pearl.  But we came prepared.  I got a Cinderella carriage necklace that doubles as a pearl cage.  The cage is hinged at the bottom and the bale closes in a way that when the chain is fed through it stays securely closed.  Now my princesses and I have matching necklaces. 

I recommend this for boys and girls of all ages.  Of course, the girls will love the end result, but the boys love the idea of having something rather gross looking disected for their pleasure.  Boys especially like picking out something special for their mom - and if it can be a little gross along the way, then all the better! 

So think about trading in the plush for a little something different next time.  My girls call it their "real" jewelry and I agree. It is neither chunky, nor funky, but it is a beautiful keepsake from our trip.

PS - You can find the carriage necklaces online or you can get them as a thank you for booking your Disney travel with TMC Travel.  You can also find pick a pearl locations at the Beach Club and Downtown Disney, but the Mistsukoshi Department store is the most fun!

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  1. You can find a beautiful pearl cage to match with your pearl for a fraction of the cost at Epcot if you buy before you go. Check out their etsy store at :