Disney Sing-a-long: Disneyland Fun

One my my kids' favorite videos for a long car trip is Disneyland Fun, a video in the Disney Sing-Along series.  The video features all of your favorite characters running around in the parks singing popular Disney tunes.  While the video is titled "Disneyland Fun" both Disneyland and Disney World are featured.  It is a great way to give a little one a preview of the parks. 

One great feature for the young reader in your life is the words appear karaoke style on the screen.  They will be learning while they sing and they won't even know it! 

This cute have hour video features12 songs sung by your favorite characters.  The video opens with "Whistle While you Work" as Mickey and company prepare Main Street for the morning rush.  Other highlights include a fast paced "Step in Time", a ride on Big Thunder and Splash Mountains to the tune of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo -Dah", a tour of Fantasyland during "It's a Small World" before concluding with "When You Wish Upon a Star" complete with fireworks set in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I enjoy the video for a completely different reason than my kids.  The video appears to have been filmed in the late 80's or early 90's, and I can only look at the fashions and wonder "What were we thinking?"  I was a minor at the time, so I hold my parents responsible!  Big hair, mullets, scrunchies, and men in short shorts and "Hammer pants" are abundant.  The long lost Roger Rabbit is also a featured character.

While some things in the Parks never seem to change, this video gives you a peek at attractions gone by.  While it was nice to see the submarines and Skyway again, my kids wonder why they can't ride them!

In spite of  the dated look, "Disneyland Fun" is still worth your time.  You kids will enjoy the sight and sounds and you will enjoy reliving days gone buy.  You can take it home for $10 from or you can add it to your Netflix queue!  There are several other videos in the series that I will feature in future posts.

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