You Tube… For Disney Planning?

You know you love it! YouTube is the go to spot for the latest viral video or even a place to check out your cousin’s video from your family reunion. You Tube is also a great planning tool for your next trip to WDW! There are many great amateur videographers out there. While watching someone’s vacation video may sound like torture, there are some really great videos out there. You can find some nicely edited ones that include still photography, fancy scene cuts and even a nice background sound track.

Some great uses of YouTube: 

  • Preview resorts – If you are not quite sure which resort may be the best for you YouTube is a great place to start. You can search on any resort and find multiple videos that really do a good job capturing the feel of the resort, show room layout and décor, restaurants, and pool areas.
  • Preview attractions – Not sure if your little one will be terrified of Haunted Mansion? Are your kids the right age to enjoy doing a Kim Possible Mission? Not only can you check it out before you go, but you can let them see and make their own decision!
  • Meet the Characters - A great idea if you are unsure how your children will react to meeting The Big Cheese! Show your child other children meeting character so they know what to expect…just make sure you preview the video first! I know the video of Tigger chasing a park-goer around Main Street would not sit well in out house!
  • Re-live the Magic – Did your battery die during Wishes? Did you forget to pull your camera out for it’s a small world? You can be sure someone out there captured what you missed! You can even ride the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom before you start work every day.
It’s fun. It’s free. Check it out…and don’t forget to add your own videos. I’ll be watching!

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