TV Time: Get in the Mood!

It is hot this week.  And muggy.  I am barricading myself and my children inside during the heat of the day.  We need entertainment.  Our next Disney trip is still a few months away and I need a fix.  I have a simple solution to solve both problems!  I am heading on over to .  There, you can find a nice compilation of all Disney offerings on TV for the upcoming  week. 

The Travel Channel programs on Disney are always a hit in our household.  (Should I be worried that my 6 year old quotes Samantha Brown?)   You can also find listings for shows you may not be on your radar.  For example, you can find the listings for Buddy the "Cake Boss" and his Food & Wine Festival adventures.  You can also be sure to tune in (or not!) to watch Kate Gosselin freak out as her brood gets covered with melting ice cream in the Magic Kingdom.  HGTV and Food Network also have some great Disney specials that air through out the year. 

I always set my DVR and file away those little gems for sick days, snow days, and the like.  And finally, for you park historians, you can find old episodes of sitcoms filmed in the Disney parks.  Old episodes of Rosanne and Sabrina the Teenage Witch regularly air and give you glimpses of the parks as they used to be.  (And let's face it, watching the fashion choices provide an whole other level on entertainment!) So head on over to Kirby Bartlett-Sloan's site and check it out.  Be sure to bookmark it so that it is handy to be the summer/winter/sick/bored/rainy day/IneedaDisneyfix blues!


  1. Wow! Thanks! Glad you like my little hobby of putting together the TV listings.

  2. Love it, Kirby! Thanks for keeping up with it all!