Christmas in July - Holiday Wishes Fireworks

Who says fireworks are just for the 4th of July?!?!  Certainly not the folks at Disney World!

I am such a kid when it comes to fireworks.  Perhaps it is because my birthday is right around Independence Day and we are always at the always seemed to make my birthday extra special.

It should be no surprise that I aways try to catch at least one fireworks show each night I possibly can.  Last December, I not only managed to see Wishes inside and outside the park, but Holiday Wishes as well. (And if you are a huge fireworks fan, may I humbly suggest staying at the Polynesian!)

While I enjoyed the show each time I saw them - and Holiday Wishes is different, and even more specatular than it's not holiday cousin, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed not watching it from inside the Magic Kingdom.  Of course, we are a Disney loving family, but only one night at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party was in the budget.  So I made plans to head out to the beach at the Polynesian at the approprite time and check out the fireworks from there, where they pipe the music in so you can get the full experience.

It is a very differente perspective from being right on Main Street, but I liked it just as well for Wishes, and perhaps even more for Holiday Wishes.  You see, for Holiday wishes they did not just shoot the fireworks from behind Cinderella Castle.  During 2 different parts of the show, the launched amazing rockets from several satelliete locations.  The entire skyline was lit up with 180 degrees of sparkly goodness!  My mouth literally dropped as the beach lit up like dayight.  I got a video of the entire show, but my camera work does not even come close to doing in justice.  You can check it out in the link below, but due to the whole tripod system breaking down when I hit record, the first minute or so is super annoying to watch, so you may want to skip ahead!

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