Christmas in July - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Well, July has managed to fly by!  I guess I had better sneak in one more Christmas in July post while I have the chance.  Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party is a separate ticketed event held in the Magic Kingdom in November and December.  Tickets for this event are not part of your base or Park Hopper ticket, are purchased for a specific day and are not inexpensive, so if you are going to make a trip to Disney World for the holidays, you will want to plan ahead for the party.

The most common question  I get about the party is "Is it worth it?"  While I can say my whole family did enjoy the party, it is not something that we would necessarily do every year.  The party officially starts at 7:00 and ends at midnight, but you will be allowed entry to the Magic Kingdom beginning at 4:00.  This essentially gives you a park hop into the Magic Kingdom for the day.  We used this as such and decided to go to the party in lieu purchasing a park hopper ticket.  Even though you can get into the park beginning at 4:00, the day crowds will not be asked to leave until 7:00 and there is nothing special going on until that time.  As a result, if you have young kids who turn into pumpkins at 8:30, this might not be the event for you...wait a few more years until you can get the biggest bang for your buck.  Of course, that being said, we did the party on the last night of our vacation and allowed the 4 year old to stay up until the bitter end.  Shockingly, she was game and we drug her out of the park at midnight with a smile on her face!

So what makes Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party special than a regular night in the Magic Kingdom?
  • Low Crowds - Attendance at the party is capped at a reasonable number.  Parties early in the season and on week nights have notoriously sparse crowds.  This means that most attractions are "walk-ons" for most of the night.
  • Special Characters - You will find lots of favorite friends in the parks.  Last year the princesses were accompanied by their princes and we used the rare sighting of all Seven Dwarfs as our Christmas Card Photo.  You will also see many characters in spiffy holiday attire, so it is worth stopping by for another visit.
  • Snow on Main Street - Ok, so the "snow" vaguely resembles Palmolive, but it is still a fun and festive touch.  Who cares if your kids belch bubbles for a few days?!?  (Kidding!)
  • Cookies and Cocoa - There are several refreshment stations through out the park serving an assortment of snacks.  We splurged with Christmas Cookies and Hot Chocolate, but there were some healthier options as well.
  • The Christmas Parade - The evening parade is different for the party than what you may have seen on the previous evening.  The parades are all perfectly holiday themed as are the characters riding them.  The Toy Soldiers and the Gingerbread Cookies "hot off the pan" are big hits as well.  And like any good Christmas Parade St Nick himself makes a special appearance.  Hint:  The parade runs twice a night and the second parade is always less crowded!
  • Holiday Wishes - The fireworks are absolutely spectacular.  A must see.  Even if you opt not to attend the Christmas party, I recommend finding a spot outside of the Magic Kingdom. 
  • Special Stage Shows
While the party is a lot of fun, there are a few things to consider:
  • Cost - Tickets start at $56.95 for adults and $51.95 for children 3-9 for off peak dates if you purchase your tickets in advance.  Expect to pay a $6 premium for peak nights.  For a family of 4 that can quickly add up! 
  • It is a late night.  - While I am a night owl and hanging out in the Magic Kingdom to midnight and beyond sounds fantastic to me, it is certainly not for everyone!  Make sure that you will at least be able to stay long enough to enjoy the parade and fireworks.
  • Controlled Chaos from 6:45-7:45 - During the early evening hours, all daytime guest are politely but firmly asked to leave.  All Party guests are asked to obtain a wristband to indicate that you are a party guest.  I felt like I should have just walked around with my wrist in the air for the hour or so that it took to make sure everyone was where they belonged.  Also, be aware that if you choose to arrive right at 7:00, you will be like a salmon swimming up stream! 
If you would like to purchase tickets to MVMCP click here for more information.  If you have already booked your vacation with me or if you would like to, I will be happy to handle this for you.

Here are some pictures from our night of holiday fun last year...Enjoy!

Our Seven Miner Friends

My oldest getting down to some Black Eyed Peas with her favorite chipmunk! 
(Lots of missing teeth between the two of them!)

First Parade Float

The Gingerbread Men from the front...

And the back!

The adorable Toy Soldiers

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