Characters: Let the Hunt Begin!

I am counting down the final days to my next visit to the world (the kids STILL don't know!) and realized it  is time to do a little character recon.  Part of the fun of the trip is magically stumbling upon your favorite characters as you wander through the park.  For some, the character hunt is a full time obsession!  My crew falls under the minorly obsessed.  I know that meeting Belle would be on my oldest daughter's must do list (if only she knew she was going) ;)  Tiana and Minnie are must meets for my youngest princess.

There is a lot to know about meeting the characters.  You may remember my previous posts on that topic, if you missed it or need a quick refresher here it is!
Meeting the Big Cheese: The Basics
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So now you know all about meeting the characters, the big question is where can you find your favorite friend?  Believe it or not, character meet and greets change on a monthly basis.  And while you tend to find certain characters in the same area (Let's face it, Buzz is not going to be hanging out by Big Thunder Mountain!),  Disney does change things up a bit to keep it fresh.

There is a great Disney Blogger out there, who devotes her time to keeping up with this information.  You can find her at  Unofficial Disney Character Hunting Guide.  There is a wonderful checklist of the characters for each park and where to find them.  In addtion, you can check out the attire for the characters in each park in case you want to find them looking extra spiffy! 

If you are planning on a attending a hard ticket event like the Halloween or Christmas Party be sure to scope out the "guest list" in advance.  Mickey and on those smiles because I think you are going to be included on our Christmas card this year!

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