Going to Disney: How to Tell the Kids

If you have caught even one Disney commercial in the past month since the "Let the Memories Begin" campaign started you have without a doubt watched a cute kid react to the news:  "You are going to Disney!"  Some react with disbelief and with others scream so loudly,  you can only hope the poor parents had ear plugs handy to prevent permanent hearing damage.

Whether you tell them a year, a month, or an hour in advance...it is so much fun to make the announcement.  Here are some of the fun ways to break the news:
  • A Gift for Special Occasion -  Make the news part of a birthday or holiday gift, or to celebrate something special.  You can just announce it, or wrap in up in a nice box or card
  • Slide it into a Normal Conversation - As you are discussing day to day things, try sliding that news in with a mundane list of things to do.  You can actually watch their little wheels turn as they try to process such big news in an insignificant conversation.
  •  Drop the Bomb - Be loud, be proud!  Of course, this is more fun if you are waking them up in the morning!  A friend of mine picked her child up from school early and had the elementary school principal page the child to the office  "...please come to the office.  You mom is here to take you to Disney World."
  • Make it a Game - If you are one of those creative types, think of a puzzle or game that they will need to work out.  The classics are all good - Word Searches, Scrambles, Cross Words - make them "earn" their trip!
  • Scavenger Hunt - Again, this is for the creative among us...leave clues around the house that lead to the Disney Treasure.
  •  Don't Tell Them - Just wait...they will eventually figure it out!
We are Disney World bound in just a few weeks.  I am in the final countdown and planning phase...and my little princesses still don't know.  I have sufficiently thrown them off the trail.  At this point they are convinced that their trip is still months away.  In fact, this weekend, the seven year old asked me to wrap up the name of our hotel and give it to her for Christmas!  Instead, I will be wrapping up their personalized, pre-ordered Mickey Ears with a note for each of them to be opened the day we leave.  It will also be my Dad's birthday and I will tell them I got them a little something as well.  Big Sister will get her ears first with the news that we will be staying at the Polynesian (her first choice).  The 4 year old, who is most proud of her early reading skills will get the note that says "We are going to Disney today!"  I am DYING to watch their reaction.  My money is on tears of joy from Big Sister and squeals of delight from the tidbit.

No matter how you tell them, be sure to have the video camera rolling.  Who knows, your little darling may end up on a Disney commercial or on the side of Cinderella Castle! 

Let the Memories Begin!!!!

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