Netflix Fun - The Mickey Mouse Club

Recently, I spent some time on Netflix building up my queue for the kiddos.  As I was looking for some Disney fare, I came across the Mickey Mouse Club.  They of course had the "Justin, Britney and Christina" series, but I was most drawn to the "old school" club from the 50's.  As a child of the 80's (or 70's if you are foolish enough to believe my driver's license) I remember tuning in to watch these old black and white gems.  I remember I would frequently crawl up into my Dad's lap and watch.  During the commercials he would tell stories about watching the Mickey Mouse Club when he was a child.  Apparently, the show made quite an impression, because even though my Dad has never been to Disney World, he has sported a Mickey Mouse watch off an on for as long as I can remember.

I was really excited to see the red Netflix envelope appear in my mailbox, because it had been YEARS since I had last seen the show.  As soon as the girls got home from school, I grabbed us a snack and popped it in.  In spite of the lack of color, the low production value, and the old fashioned feel of the show, my kids were enchanted.  I guess some things really are timeless!

And what is it with the theme song?  When I hear the first few bars on the bus to the Magic Kingdom, I always get excited.  All it takes is hearing the song once, and it will stay in your had for days...and  not in a bad way like an 80's pop song.  My girls also sing it all the time.  One will spontaneously shout Mickey Mouse!  and the other will reply with Donald Duck! It makes me smile every time.

The DVD is a collection of five half hour episodes.  The episodes are spread over several years, but there is an episode for everyday of the week. Personally, I think the title is a bit of a misnomer - I would not say it is "The Best of" - but it is still a lot of fun to watch.

So head over to Netflix and add The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club to your Netflix queue.  If you would like to add it to your Christmas shopping list, you can find it for less than $12 at Amazon.  In the mean time, enjoy the theme song:

Hope you enjoyed a Mickey Mouse blast from the past, but now it time to say goodbye to all our company.  M-I-C  See you real soon!  K-E-Y  Why?  Because we like you!  M--O--U--S----E.  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

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