A Dozen Great Uses for a Ziplock Bag at Disney World

As I was reviewing some recent posts, I noticed something odd....I seem to have a growing addiction to Ziploc bags.  If you look in my pantry, I have them in all sizes.  No joke - I love me some Ziploc! 

I was going to do a top ten list in honor of David Letterman, but I could not stop at 10. are a dozen great uses for a Ziploc bag at Disney World:
  1. Autographs - Keep you pen and book together and dry.  As soon as you get in line, grab your autograph bag and you are all set!
  2. Daily Plans - Soggy touring plans, tip cards, and dining confirmation numbers do you no good!
  3. Bringing in Snacks - It is more economical to keep a big of pretzels or other snack and put them into snack size bags to bring into the parks.  (Diet tip - I do this at home to help me keep my portion sizes reasonable!)
  4. Dividing Up Snacks - Bought a box of popcorn on Main Street?  Avoid arguments and grubby little kid hands in the box by using the extra baggies that you were smart enough to store in your park bag to break the big box into individual servings.
  5. Avoid Dripping Toiletries - At some point in your life you have probably had shampoo, sunscreen, or something even worse ooze out of its container during travel.  If you put everything in a bag first, then any mess as a result of spillage will be minimized.  Of course, if you are flying remember that all gels and liquids must be of appropriate size and sent through security in a 1 quart Ziploc bag.
  6. A Mini Diaper Bag - I used to fill a gallon size bag with a few diapers, a change pad, and some travel wipes.  Everything stayed dry and together.  If a change was necessary, I could pull out only the essentials and head off in search of a changing table.
  7. Packing Kid Clothes - You may remember this from a post awhile back.  I pack one one Ziploc bag of clothes per child per day.  I grab a bag, toss it to the appropriate child, and they have clean undies, socks, outfit and accessories ready to put on all by themselves.
  8. Wet Poncho Storage - I want my poncho off asap.  I loosely fold it (ok...wad it up) and put it in a Ziploc as soon as it stops raining.  When I get back to the hotel, I pull it back out, make sure it fully air dries and then properly refold it.
  9. Electronics Storage - Surprise rain storm or scheduled water ride?  Tuck your cameras and cell phone safely in a bag to make sure they stay dry.
  10. Bathing Suit Storage - If you spend the day at a water park, you can store your suit in a bag for the ride home.  This is also a good idea if you go for one last swim at your hotel on departure day.
  11. Mug Storage - Did you enjoy your morning coffee in your Refillable Resort Mug?  If so, bring an extra bag for it.  When you are done drop it in the bag, seal it up, and toss it in your park bag.  That last drop of coffee will stay in the bag instead of all over your stuff!
  12. Remote Control Germ Control - I once saw one of those germaphobe Dateline shows where they discovered that the remote control was the dirtiest thing in a hotel room....constantly handled by unwashed hands and never cleaned by housekeeping.  The expert interviewed said the first thing they do in a hotel is Ziploc the remote control.  It still works, and the you avoid contact with everyone who has used it before you.  I am not sure that even I will go that far, but after watching that show, I do always at least give the phone, remote, and bathroom door handles a quick wipe with a  Clorox wipe!
So with one simple box of plastic, you can stay organized, keep things dry, contain wet things, manage snack time, and control germs.  These little see through gems will also help save you time as you go through security in the parks.  If a security guard can check your bag with a quick glance instead of opening every little pocket of opaque bag, then you will be that much closer to getting that first fast pass of the day!

Anyone else love the bag?  Share your favorite use in our comments section!

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